Our Mission

What we're trying to accomplish.

What we do

Democratize fashion

Buying fashion online is rarely easy. Will the clothes fit? What about the color? The fabric? Will it look good on me? Since these are hard decisions, we've designed a way to bring the shopping experience directly into your home, where you'll be most comfortable.

Try at home

We’re all familiar with browsing stores and trying on clothes, being forced to decide in the moment if this particular piece is what we’d really like. Then we get home and realize it isn’t quite us. With Swipe, you can order in less than five minutes, receive everything by mail, and try-on at home at your leisure. It’s that easy!

No returns hassle

Nobody likes to deal with returns. The old way meant we had to ask for a return shipping label (hopefully at no cost), then make sure the retailer has received the package, if it hasn’t been lost somewhere, and then finally wait for the refund. And wait. And wait. Welcome to the new way : you order what you like, but only pay for what you're keeping! No return costs, no stress.