Our mission

And what we're trying to accomplish.

Democratize fashion

Buying fashion online is never easy. Will the clothes fit? The color? The fabric? And will it look good on me, with my specific shape? Since all of those are hard decisions, we've design to bring the shopping experience directly into your home, where you'll be most confortable to try everything you order, even in the comfort on your pyjamas.

Save time and energy

Imagine going to the mall, into the boutiques, try on clothes, decide on the moment what you'd like, although you're not sure you won't regret your choice at home. All of this is time and energy consuming. With us, order online in less than 5 minutes, receive everything by the mail, and try-on at home on your schedule. That easy!

Give you back the choice

Dealing with returns is never an easy process. Ask for a return shipping label (hopefully at no cost), then make sure they've received your package, and that wasn't lost somewhere, and finally wait for your refund. And wait. And wait. Now, you order what you like BUT only pay for what you're keeping!